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Some Things We Noticed at the Spring Salon: Bryan Larsen, Kathleen Peterson, Frank McEntire, Jason Lanegan, Abraham Kimball

By Geoff Wichert on May 13, 2024 ( Leave a comment )

In 1986, I toured a pair of museums on Trafalgar Square in London: the National Gallery, possibly the finest collection in an international field marked by many superb contenders, and the National Portrait Gallery, where I encountered a modern portrait that came to haunt me over the years. […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Faith in Frame: Springville Show is Utah’s Artistic Exploration of Religion and Spirituality

By Geoff Wichert on December 1, 2023 ( 2 Comments )

Given the fundamental motivating role of religion in cultural and artistic expression all over the world, it’s not surprising that the first art work to employ the renaissance discovery of accurate visual perspective was such a work — Masaccio’s “Holy Trinity,” which depicts the three-persons-in-one-God enumerated by Christian […]

Kathleen Peterson Captures Harmony in Impressive Exhibit at F. Weixler

By Geoff Wichert on November 20, 2023 ( 1 Comment )

Kathleen Peterson’s central concern, her subject and theme, which can be found in everything she paints, is harmony. … Humans learn primarily from models, and here are some that might help change a viewer’s life. It’s this positive, emotional conviction that inheres in them, and is felt by willing viewers, that accounts for Kathleen Peterson’s substantial popularity and presence in so many collections and homes.

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Phillips Show Grounds the Figure in Utah Art

By Geoff Wichert on April 27, 2023 ( Leave a comment )

In 1982, “New American Nudes,” an exhibition of precedent–breaking figure studies, began its introductory essay with a closeup photograph of a particularly shapely … ear. This bit of anatomy, which few readers probably had thought of that way before, was as nude as it was unexpected in its […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

UCCC’s Tree Exhibit Has Deep Roots and Fruitful Branches

By Geoff Wichert on March 15, 2022 ( Leave a comment )

When Mary Hutchings arrived at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center on March 4th to deliver a handmade landscape she’d been invited to show, titled “The Banks of the Susquehanna River,” the gallery was full of artists dropping off their own pieces, which would eventually number more than 50 […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

By Ehren Clark on December 9, 2014 ( Leave a comment )

Throughout history, when the vast majority of the populace was illiterate, the visual arts have been used to tell the stories and express the aspirations of religious and spiritual communities around the world. The arts could be a tool of enlightenment but also a tool of control, used […]

Studio Space | Visual Arts

Kathleen Peterson’s Studio Space

By 15 Bytes on May 7, 2008 ( Leave a comment )

by Kelly Brooks Kathleen Petersonhas lived in the Virgin Islands, Malaysia and Hawaii and traveled throughout southeast Asia and Central America. She now makes her home in Sanpete County, where she and her husband have a farm in Spring City. Her studio, located in her home, is a […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

By Geoff Wichert on February 4, 2007 ( Leave a comment )

It’s hard to imagine how two bodies of work by two established artists, each making original and mature art and each working at the top of her form, could look more comfortable together than these two. When artists show together they sometimes divide the gallery between them […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

New Approaches to Utah Standards: Kathleen Peterson and Brian Kershisnik at the CUAC

By Geoff Wichert on July 7, 2006 ( Leave a comment )

“Why are the people in Brian Kershisnik’s paintings so ugly?” This question from a visitor to theCentral Utah Art Center’sjust-concluded exhibit of recent paintings by Kathleen Peterson andBrian Kershisniksent the director, Adam Bateman, and me searching for an answer. It wouldn’t help to point out that beauty is […]

Painting | Utah Artists - P

Kathleen Peterson

By Utah Artists Directory on May 23, 2000 ( Leave a comment )

Kathleen Peterson lives in Ephraim and works in oil, watercolor, pastel and batik. Her work can be found in galleries in Utah, Wyoming and Hawaii. Utah Artists DirectoryArtist listings in our Utah Artists Directories are open to all visual artists who reside part-time or full-time in the […]

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