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When the game starts, Dante will be standing at the foot of the stairway to the castle. Technically, the first mission hasn't started yet, so acquaint yourself with Dante's moves and his movements.

Just up the stairs is an alcove with a Yellow Orb. Yellow Orbs are only used when Dante is killed in action thus reviving him and putting him back into action where he left off.



As you continue up the stairs, you'll pass thru an archway that has a steeple. Use a kick-jump on the archway to land on top and then walk under the steeple to retrieve your first Blue Orb Fragment. Collect four fragments to create a full Blue Orb, which is used to increase Dante's health bar.

With all the items in hand, it's time to start the game! Walk up the stairs towards the castle and enter the opened doorway to start the first mission.


As you enter the castle lobby/hall, there will be no enemies in site (yet) and several locked doors. There is a red-colored door and blue-colored door and you need to unlock the blue-colored door to proceed.


To continue the mission, you must collect 45 Red Orbs that are scattered throughout the entire room. Head up the staircase and go to the left. Go ahead and grab all the red orbs that you can see, while practicing your wall jumping ability. There is actually a hidden spot on top of the spear of Mundus where if you come up from behind Mundus and jump onto the statue, you can jump up onto the spear as well and receive a nice bounty of red orbs.



On the second floor to the left side of the Mundus statue is a Blue Orb Fragment sitting in an enclosed space. The path towards the orb is destroyed so you'll need to use a kick-jump from the first floor under the destroyed path to reach it.

Once you have collected 45 Red Orbs, run to the red door with those skeleton faces. Pay the orbs and proceed onward.




In the next room, turn to Dante's right and you'll see four suits of armor near a wall. Destroy the suits of armor to reveal some more red orbs and a Blue Orb Fragment.

Head through the next set of doors and climb the staircase to the top where you'll catch a glimpse of a cracked hole on the ceiling. But before you do that, there is an extra goodie to obtain!


Enter the nearby doorway (across from the lifeless marionette) to enter the Trident Room. Move towards the middle of the room and then jump into the pool of water on the left side to find a well-hidden Blue Orb Fragment! With the item in hand, exit back outside and continue the mission.


Jump through the cracked hole on the ceiling and inspect the Marionette holding a shining item to obtain a Rusty Key. Once you taken the item, leave the area to trigger your first enemy battle! Make sure to use your sword for the killing blow, as that will reward you with more red orbs. After you kill the two marionettes, jump down and finish the last one off.

Travel back down to the Main Hall. There, go left and unlock the blue doors with the Rusty Key to enter a room filled with lifeless marionettes and a large red plane.



Jump up on top of the plane to find a Blue Orb Fragment on the right wing (the left side of the TV screen) and then jump on the nose of the plane for a large gaggle of Red Orbs.

Take out some tables if you want and go to the upper right corner where you'll find a big blue circle surrounded by runes. Slash the circle until the rune symbols are fully lit and ride the elevator below Dante's feet down.

In this arena, destroy all the Marionettes with some hot combos. Keep watch of your combos and be sure to evade! Also, some Marionettes will be equipped with a Shotgun (!), and each shot is super painful so keep an eye out!

After the first wave, another wave will appear to attack you. It is important to finish them off quickly with your combos. Otherwise, they can overwhelm you with their ranged attacks. Once they are all dead, ride the elevator back up to the airplane room.

Kill the now-live Marionettes in order to unlock the doors into the next room and complete your first mission!

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Mission 1: Curse of the Bloody Puppets - Devil May Cry Guide - IGN (2024)
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