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You can benefit from numerous functions dealing with the chat, which allow you to chat as comfortably as possible.
Some of the functions indicated are only available for registered persons or VIPs. If you can't find one or the other setting/function on the website indicated, but still want to use it nonetheless, you should register or become a VIP :-)

Adapting or "hiding" people's list
You can adapt the width of the people's list of a chat room/dialogue window yourself by moving the mouse over the small bar on the right side of the people's list scroll bar, clicking on it once and moving it to the favorite place while holding down the left mouse button.
In order to "show" or "hide" the people's list entirely, just move the small bar to the right as far as possible.

Displaying a person profile
You can have a chatter's person profile displayed directly from the room on the Community's homepage:
Just click on the desired nickname in the people's list and then on "Profile..." in the menu displayed subsequently; simply click on the nickname in the private dialogue.

Opening a private dialogue
You can directly address a chatter via the people's list of a chat room.
Just click on the desired nickname in the people's list and then on "Private chat..." in the menu displayed subsequently.

Changing the font color/assigning a color
Unlike other chats, you don't have the possibility of setting personal colors so that all other chatters see the text you type in your personal color. It is a very persistent rumor that this is "clearer". That, however, is not the case in big chat communities such as Spinchat.com. We have tried it out.

Instead, we offer an alternative: If you want to concentrate on a chat with 2 or 3 partners, but if you don't want to necessarily use the dialogues, you can assign the other persons different colors. If you chat with the persons "a", "b" and "c" in a room, you can change the font color so that you see everything said by person "a" e.g. in red, everything said by person "b" e.g. in green and everything said by person "c" e.g. in blue, while all other texts retain their normal font color.
This color scheme is only of temporary nature, though. If the "colored" chatter or you leave the room, the individual coloring comes to an end. If the respective chatter or you return to the room, you have to assign the color again.
In order to "color" a person, just click on the desired nickname in the people's list and then on "Assign color...". Then simply choose your favorite color from the color range displayed, and click on the relevant nickname - that's it.

Blocking a person
You can block a certain chatter in order to hide his/her posts on your screen.
Just click on the desired nickname in the people's list and then on "Block..." in the menu displayed subsequently.
Further information on how to block somebody can be found here.

Automatic completion of nicknames
Some chatters have chosen rather long or complicated nicknames. Always writing the full name in order to correctly address the person in question can be rather stressful. But we have good news for you: You don't always need to write the full name because the chat will take over here:
Just enter the beginning of the person's nickname (no matter where in the sentence) you want to address in the command line, press the TAB key on your keyboard and the nickname will be completed automatically.
If there are several nicknames which match your search, you can jump from one possibility to the other by repeatedly pressing the TAB key.

"Restoring" text
In the chat rooms/dialogue windows you can "restore" texts you have written and sent, or amend and send them again if necessary. That's very useful if e.g. a dialogue partner of yours has been away for a short while and you have sent him/her a message he/she has not seen, or if you simply want to repeat something without having to type everything again.
In order to "browse" through your recent messages, the cursor has to be visible in the command line. Then hold the shift key down and press the arrow key (arrow up and arrow down).

Stopping a dialogue progression
You can stop the dialogue progression thus far and read the contributions. This is very useful if you have been away for a short time and now want to know what has happened in the meantime.
Just move the scroll bar on the right of the chat window upwards with your mouse. Even if the other chatters continue to write new contributions, you can read the old texts now without being disturbed and without always having to start anew.
In order to return to the current status of the chat progression, just move the scroll bar as far downwards as possible.

Showing/hiding "Enter/leave room"-messages
If you don't want to have the general "Enter/leave room"-messages in the room displayed to you, you can hide them.
To do so, click on the homepage on "Settings" -> "Chat" and deactivate the checkbox "Message if someone enters/leaves the room" by clicking once on it.

Activating/deactivating away-mode
If you want to leave your PC for a while, you can activate the away-mode. As soon the away-mode is activated, your nickname will be displayed in italics in the people's list of a chat room as well as in your profile, and everyone who addresses you directly will receive a corresponding message.

There are several possibilities to activate the away-mode:

  • Enter e.g. "/away shopping" in the chat room's or in the dialogue's command line, and execute the command with the "Enter"/"Return"-key. The other people will now see the message "AWAY: Person is not here at the moment: Shopping".
  • If you are not in a room, click on the small monitor next to the menu item "Chat" at the top of the page in the navigation area. A window will be opened. Enter your message under "Away-mode", e.g. "shopping", and click on "Activate". The other people will now see the message "AWAY: Person is not here at the moment: Shopping".

As long as your away-mode is activated, the small monitor which is usually displayed next to your nickname in the navigation area on the top of the page will be replaced by a monitor with a cup in front of it.

In order to deactivate the away-mode, you just have to click on the cup-symbol and then on "Deactivate" next to the away-message, or you enter "/away" in a chat window's command line and execute the command.

Setting if and who is allowed to address/invite you
In order to configure if and from whom you want to receive private dialogues and invitations, click on "Settings" on the homepage. From there you will automatically be redirected to the item "Privacy". There choose your favored option under Dialogues/Invitations. The following options are available:

  • accept (yes, from all)
  • don't accept (no, not at all)
    only from friends
  • only from friends and persons in the room
    only from registered people

Setting a maximum number of dialogues
If you don't want to conduct more than a certain number of dialogues simultaneously, you can set a personal limit. Once this limit has been reached, automatically no more dialogues from other chatters will be put through to you, and these will receive a corresponding message. But you can yourself open further dialogues.
In order to set your dialogue limit, click on "Settings" -> "Chat" on the homepage, set the required number of dialogues under ""Max. number of dialogues" and save the setting by clicking on "Save settings".

Marking texts
By default the chat marks lines in red which include your username. If you prefer to mark lines in red which include other words, you can add several words to the settings which you want the chat to react to. These will then be used instead of your username.
In order to set your favored "Signal words", click on "Settings" -> "Chat" on the homepage, set the required words separated by commas under "Mark texts" and save the setting by clicking on "Save settings".

Setting chat type
Normally, you should always use Java since only with this software is playing games possible as well. In case your PC does not support Java, you can also switch to html.
To switch to html, please click on "Settings" -> "Chat" on the homepage and activate the option "Use Java". Log out of the Community and then log in again.

Setting reaction of chat windows
By default, chat rooms and private dialogues are opened as tabs at the bottom of the browser window in which you have opened Spinchat.com. As such, you can switch comfortably between the rooms/dialogues without losing your overview.
If you don't use the browser window with Spinchat.com once, but you don't want to miss e.g. when someone addresses you in a private dialogue, you can change the settings so that a new dialogue will be opened in a new window. This, however, also applies to dialogues you open yourself as well.
And if you prefer new chat window over tabs in general, you can also change the settings correspondingly from the very beginning.
Click on "Settings" -> "Chat" on the homepage, activate your required options under "Chat-window" and then click on "Save Settings".

Defining chat-macros yourself
As a VIP, you can design chat-macros with your own content. In order to design your personal macros, click on "Settings" -> "Chat" -> "Chat - Macros" on the homepage, enter the actions you want in the respective fields and save them by clicking on "Save settings". More information on macros can be found here.

Defining favorite rooms
If you prefer to chat in specific chat rooms, you can define them as your favorite chat rooms. Once you have done this, these rooms will be displayed on the homepage, and you can enter them immediately without having to look for them first.
In order to define your favorite rooms, click on the little gearwheel next to your favorite chat rooms or the suggested rooms on the homepage, enter the room names (please use the correct spelling, otherwise the link on the homage will redirect you to an entirely different chat room), and then click on "Save settings".

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